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American Standard Faucets & Fixtures

American Standard Faucets & Fixtures

At American Standard, it all begins with their unmatched legacy of quality and innovation that has lasted for more than 130 years. It is this tradition of quality and innovation that puts them in three out of five homes in America, as well as, countless hotels, airports, and stadiums. They provide the style and performance that fit perfectly into life, wherever that may be.

With a broad range of bath and kitchen faucets & fixtures, that are designed to marry style and function with innovative solutions, they are consistently creating products that simply make our lives easier.

At American Standard, innovation never stops, ingenuity never ceases, history never dates itself and needs never go unmet.

There are several factors that differentiate American Standard’s products from the competition. Here are a few to look for when preparing for your next bathroom or kitchen project:

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Toilets from American Standard feature the best engineered flushing systems available to prevent clogs and overflows. Simply put, American Standard toilets are engineered not to clog.

MaP Testing

Independent testing lab Veritec and John Koeller Consulting have established standardized testing criteria referred to as Maximum Performance (MaP) to ensure all toilets are measured consistently on their ability to flush solid waste. The test involves dropping cylinders of miso (soy) paste into the toilet which are then flushed. This process is repeated seven more times to determine the toilet's consistent performance level in removing waste from the bowl.

The minimum acceptable MaP rating for high performance toilets is 350 grams (0.77 pounds) and the highest MaP rating a toilet can score for bulk removal is 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds). The American Standard Champion® 4 toilet achieves the highest rating at 1,000 grams. In addition, American Standard's Cadet® 3 line of toilets, including many of the water efficient 1.28 gallon per flush models, also achieve the highest MaP rating of 1,000 grams.

Water Efficient Products

Conservation does not have to mean sacrifice. American Standard technology reduces overall water usage in homes and buildings. Their products are used to help earn credits for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, to help water utilities develop community retrofit programs, and to help homeowners and building occupants everywhere enjoy a great shower, a clean flush, superb faucet performance, and a clear conscience about saving water.
The American Standard efficiency toilets (HET) use less water than ordinary toilets without compromising on what they're designed to do - remove waste. The Cadet 3 FlowWise series and H2Option™ Dual Flush products carry the EPA WaterSense seal, meaning they are certified to perform well while conserving water.

EverClean - Sinks & Toilets Engineered to stay clean!

The EverClean® surface is a silver-based, double-coated surface that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface. The smooth, mirror-like surface stays cleaner longer, even after years of use.
And permanent does mean forever - the EverClean surface will never wear off or wear out.
EverClean comes standard with the Champion 4 series, Cadet 3 series and FloWise toilets..
Industry-Leading Warranties

American Standard products comes with a 1 year, 5-year, 10-year or lifetime warranty depending on the product. The Champion 4 toilet, for example, comes with the most comprehensive toilet warranty available. Everything in it — the toilet and the tank parts — is covered for 10 years. That’s 9 years more than many other brands. The Cadet 3 toilets are backed by a five-year warranty on china and tank turn.

Style That Works Better

American Standard’s goal is to make products work harder and last longer. Kitchens and bathrooms offer opportunities to enhance environments while still maintaining great design and style.

Imagine… a toilet that looks great, has an extraordinary flush, is ultra sanitary and offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. This is American Standard, Style that works better.

Learn About the Champion 4 Toilet


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