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Walk In Safety Bath Tubs

Safety Tubs® - The Premier Choice for Walk in Baths

“Nearly 80% of Baby Boomers surveyed said they planned to age in place according to a survey done bythe American Association of Interior Designers” – Detroit News, Friday October 8, 2010

The founders of Safety Tubs® recognized a need for a product that would allow individuals planning for or experiencing lessened mobility to retain their independence and dignity at home while bathing. Such a product would increase the amount of time people could live safely and comfortably on their own.

Determined to fill this void, Safety Tubs® was born. These modern walk-in tubs are highly specialized for superior ease of use, safety, health and aesthetics and offer unparalleled quality and construction. The high-gloss acrylic finished units make Safety Tubs® resistant to stains and cracking, mold and bacteria. This walk in bath tub manufacturer is proud of this breakthrough achievement in engineering and manufacturing and continues to be the only company to produce a product of this nature.

Safety Tub Walk In Bath Tub

The patented T5™ Door System comes standard on all Safety Tubs® and forms a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door. Additionally, the weight of water inside the tub further compresses the door seal making it completely leak proof. They even guarantee the door seal for life. Chair-Height, Built-In Seat for Easy Sitting and Standing

The built-in, contoured, chair-height seat - standard in all Safety Tubs - means you won't find yourself struggling to sit or stand. These walk in tubs are nearly twice as deep as regular bathtubs so you'll enjoy muchmore room to soak. Go ahead! Submerge yourself and enjoy a luxurious bathing experience!

A Superior Spa - Like Bathing Experience in Your Home

Pick your experience. These units may be purchased as a bath tub, or you can opt for a therapeutic bathing experience.

Massage Air Bubble System™- Pressure is equally distributed throughout the bath, creating an all-encompassing sensation. As tiny air bubbles explode upon your skin, enjoy the feeling of bathing in a natural spa and enjoy unparalleled relaxation.

Hydro Massage Jet System™ – This therapeutic massage is great for arthritis pain, rheumatism, back pain and other common ailments.

Dual Massage System™ - Enjoy the best of both!

Problems with your legs? Try the Legs Only Massage™ System

Available on the Jet & Dual Massage Systems Only – this feature offers:

• A therapeutic massage for your lower extremities

• Fill the tub half-way for a quick leg massage

• Shuts off or reduces flow of back and thigh jets

• Easy to operate

Built-In Safety Bar and Textured Floor Make Bathing Safe

The built-in safety bar and textured tub floor adds even more security and further increases your peace of mind. Every detail about the Safety Tubs® walk-in bathtub is designed for your independence, safety, comfort and convenience.

Every Safety Tub® is 100% factory tested with water prior to leaving the manufacturing facility and feature a 5-year warranty and a Lifetime Guarantee on the tub door seal.

Their philosophy is simple: Listen to the customer. Safety Tubs® takes great pride in continually improving existing products by actively integrating customer feedback into product design. Every change and improvement made toto these walk in products enhances the safety, functionality and comfort of the product for the customer.

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